17Days Music is a songwriter, producer and mixer management company founded in 2017.

At its helm is Lucy Francis whose time in music spans over 18 years and includes experience in artist, writer and producer management and records and publishing A&R.

The company is founded on the belief that one song can change everything and we believe our roster has the skill to deliver that song start to finish.


What Song Changed Everything?

Lucy Francis
"I can safely say Prince is my favourite artist of all time. He is indefinable, innovative, brave, deviant, classic, timeless, Genius.
Having been obsessed from the age of 10 all I dreamt of was to see him live. The Gold Tour coincided with my 12th birthday.
All my dreams came true and my life changed.
The day he died I sat in my lonely room with two cigarettes and a broken heart listening to this song on repeat.
I knew naming my company in his honour would make me strive to protect and push for the best for and from my creative roster and so, 17Days Music was born. "

Sasha Noel-Oliver
"I've always loved this song, but after experiencing heartbreak it started to sound like a completely different song. At first the song evoked a rage in me, then strength, later the song helped me to feel free.
I love storytelling through songs. I think there’s something beautiful in hearing a song that sounds like it’s a narration of your life in a specific time."

Dan Parry
“It was the first record I received a proper credit on. That was the moment I knew I wanted to mix records.”

Gabriëlle 'GG' Stok
“For me this was Purple Haze, I remember learning the 'Jimi Hendrix chord' on guitar and a whole new world of riffs and melodies opened up.”

Jessica Agombar
"'Boo' by Ms. Dynamite ft. Sticky for me was the most exciting, interesting and powerful tune from a female artist from London in this era! It completely embodies my adolescent years growing up in east London and for me is the soundtrack to my youth! Ms. Dynamite will forever be my idol for being unapologetically fierce on this track."

Jonny Lattimer
“A lot of Motown songs are the perfect templates for songwriting but for me especially this one. It had everything I didn’t know I wanted in a song and made me want to work out why it’s so powerful.”

"My one song is 'A Case Of You' by Joni Mitchell. It’s the lyrics that hold the most power for me in a song. I’m fascinated by the way she effortlessly paints the complexity of love using simple, relatable, visual metaphors. It allows the song to be a canvas for the nuanced emotions in your own life. I always go back to this track to remind me of the power of lyrics as a tool to bridge ourselves with not only our own experiences, but other people’s."

"My one song is 'Cleva' by Erykah Badu. I heard someone freestyle over it when I was in my early teens and became obsessed with the instrumental. This was a song that really made me want to make music. I later found out that it was produced by J Dilla who had a massive influence on me in the early steps of learning how to produce. Roy Ayers is also *Chefs Kiss*."

Rich Cooper
“It made me want to play in a band.”